Coronavirus Update:
At Craig Builders, we are taking extra precautions to keep our customers and ourselves safe. Currently, we are still building and are still assisting customers at various stages of their homeownership journey thru private and/or virtual appointments. Read more…

Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 Updates

What do COVID-19 measures mean for Craig Builders? In summary, we’re open but are taking precautions. In an effort to continue to serve our community, we have provided a detailed overview of FAQ’s below:

Are you still building homes?

Yes. Per Governor Northam, construction has been deemed essential during this time. As such, we are maintaining construction operations while implementing numerous additional safety measures to keep everyone on our job sites safe.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Masks are optional. Our Customer Representatives are vaccinated and are prepared to meet you however you may be comfortable, with or without a mask.

Can I still buy a new construction home?

Yes. Our Customer Representatives are meeting customers in our model homes as well as FaceTime and Zoom videoconferencing calls. We are prepared to be as flexible as needed in order to serve each customer exceptionally well.

Are your model homes open?

Our model homes are open daily from 12-5pm or by appointment. We are prepared to be as flexible to meet different customer's needs and preferences.

Our models are still available to be accessed by Realtor lockbox after hours.

To ensure a safe environment, additional cleaning measures have been put into place and continue to be part of our model home procedure.

Can I see your model homes online?

You can find more information about our model homes here: Model Homes

How will this impact your 100% On-Time Deliveries?

Our team is working tirelessly towards having zero disruption to our reputation for on-time deliveries. Our suppliers faired well in meeting deadlines in the beginning, but like the rest of our industry and many parts of our economy, material cost increases and long delays have become the new normal.

That said, we have temporarily suspended being able to almost guarantee an on time closing until we know that all of the materials for the home can be secured. Cabinets, windows, garage doors and appliances are just a few of the shortages that working to overcome at this time.

We are also working closely with the Albemarle County government offices to ensure that building permits, inspections and certificates of occupancy can still be obtained in order to close on time. Building permits are taking longer to procure and demand has stretched county staff thin resulting in the need for patience on everyone's part.

Is this impacting supply chains?

We are experiencing small and major delays in procuring materials in certain phases of construction and have implemented steps to mitigate delays as much as possible.

In an effort to preempt potential delays, we’ve adjusted the timeline for our Design Studio meetings so that we can order materials early and ensure they arrive on the job site on time.

We'll guide you on how to wrap up changes earlier on in the process so that we can order material early. Some items take 16-18 weeks to arrive, so we are even ordering prior to ground breaking in certain cases.

We are also seeing more materials being swapped for those of equal or greater value more and more, without notice. Today's new home buyer should enter their building journey being flexible and knowledgeable that these changes will likely occur.

Are you being impacted by rising material costs?

Yes, unlike anything we've experienced before and it's not just lumber. We're seeing most building products reach unprecedented levels, but do have great supplier and subcontractor relationships to help us ensure we're getting the material we need on time-- and at the best price at the time of the order. Like most of the economy, we're seeing rising costs at almost every facet of the business. Customers should be prepared for rising costs and material delays, sometimes unexpectedly.

Over six decades of building homes in Charlottesville and Albemarle County, we have prioritized building a limited number of homes each year to ensure an unwavering commitment to the quality and on-time delivery of each home that we build. During this time, that commitment is as important as ever and we’re grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve our community in that regard.


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